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Do you ever feel like you’re drowning?

Drowning in stuff, responsibilities, housework, cooking, cleaning… all the things!

Hi I’m Claire

I teach overwhelmed mums like you to make life simple again so that you can feel calm and in control.

You can feel in control and have an organised, clutter-free household.
Even if…

Even if…

you’ve tried getting organised many times before but every time you end up back where you started

you have a toddler glued to your ankles (or better yet, you left hip)

When was the last time you thought…

‘I got this mum/wife/life & running a household thing under control?’

Keeping your household running smoothly doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.

“Two years ago, I’d walk into my kitchen and cringe at the sight of it.”

As the day with two little boys went on, the floor would become an obstacle course (navigating it counts as a workout right?) and the kitchen sink would fill, ok overflow, because I couldn’t stack the dishwasher fast enough.

Come dinner-cooking time, I barely had the energy to avoid the lego trap on the floor let alone think of something to cook that didn’t involve dashing out to the shops (because #kids).

Don’t even get me started on the pile of washing that needed folding (ok dirty clothes that needed washing), bathroom that needed cleaning or the state of my wardrobe!
I was crying or snapping 90% of the time and I’d go to bed at night then just lie there with my endless to-do/things I’m failing at list running through my head.
I was completely overwhelmed with my role of wife and mum-of-two (pretty adorable) little boys.

Plus of course I felt guilty for feeling overwhelmed when from the outside, I had it good!

I’ve always been a bit of a pro at finding easier ways (I’m lazy!) to do things though, so it was time I applied these skills to managing my household.

So I made a manual.

Like a totally anal, husband-proof, step-by-step, day-by-day manual for how our household runs.

(and of course I broke it down into sections of the house)

Slowly, things began to change.

I felt more in control of my life.

I stopped crying all the time and snapping over the tiniest things.

I actually started going to sleep when I got into bed (not at least 1h later!).

The more I simplified, the more I organised, the more I decluttered our house and our lives, the better things got.

I knew that if what I’d created could help me, it could help so many other overwhelmed mums out there.

But I knew giving someone the manual to read and implement was not going to work for everyone.

After all we all have good intentions but if life gets crazy things get forgotten about.

That’s why I created The Household Revolution Membership. We’ll do it together – step by step at a pace so easy it’ll be fun.  
I’ll be there with you to help you as you slowly make little changes to make life simpler, less stressful and more organised.

I want to be there with you celebrating when you finally get that tupperware cupboard under control or master meal planning.

Let’s do this together.

The Househould Revolution Membership is more than just a collection of my best systems, tips, lessons and tools to get you organised, it’s a community of women just like you.

Women who are sick of feeling like they’re drowning and just want life to feel lighter and more fun.

Are you ready to make managing your household (and your life) easier, less stressful and more enjoyable? 

Here’s what happens when you decide to revoluionize your household…

Resource Library

Access to my collection of eBooks, online courses,  workshops and recipe videos.

– Family Favourites (eBook)

– Tackle the Toys (eBook)

– Slow down (eBook)

– The Recipe Collection (eCourse)

Just to name a few.

Monthly live workshops

Each month, join me in a live workshop covering the theme of the month and how you can use it to make changes in your life.

Some past topics:

– Mastering meal planning

– Stocking your pantry, fridge & freezer

– Family $$ management – how to create a family budget so you can get on top of your finances

Exclusive recipes

Feature recipes that are simple, nutritious and delicious so that you can cook for your family wihtout the stress.

– Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks… I’ve got you covered!

Private Facebook Group

Community of women who ‘get it.’ They all want to make managing their household easy & life more enjoyable.

I barely have time to clean my teeth, will I have time to do the workshops, check out all the content and actually make changes? Definitely – I’ve made it as easy and simple as possible so that you can get the biggest changes in the smallest amount of time. Each month is a different theme – like a mini masterclass – that should take you roughly an hour total. 
Will I have access to previous months of content? Absolutely. When you join you have full access to all previous months’ content (even during your trial period). 
What if I want to leave after my first month? I really hope that’s not the case but you can cancel your membership at any time. The last thing I want to do is lock you into anything that doesn’t help you. 
Claire, thank you so much for The Household Revolution membership! It is wonderful to have your support and brilliant ideas in my life, and I really appreciate that you are always in the Facebook group answering questions. I am doing a much better job of meal planning with the help of your awesome resources – and that is, in turn, creating WAY more ease in my life. Also, I’m finding reasons to cook corn on the cob since you shared *that* bit of magic 😀 Thank you! x Karoline

Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fantastic program… (it) has made a massive difference to our kitchen and to my mental state…You are a wonderwoman with this stuff! Suz

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