It does shock me (insert mocked shock face) that some people are yet to shop at ALDI or even more shocked… don’t like it!

I’m a serious ALDI fan and while the thing about not supporting the little guy is in the back of my head, there are so many perks about ALDI that make me a total convert.

Here’s what I love about ALDI:

  • there’s not too much variety so there’s not overwhelm
  • they have a good selection of organic staples
  • it’s not too big so you can be in and out pretty quickly
  • now that you need your own bags no matter where you go, it’s actually really easy
  • it’s so much less expensive when you compare the prices
  • some of their products are amazing – I haven’t found a dark chocolate better than their organic block

Last year I put together a little tour. I have to add, it has gotten even better since this. Please excuse the added commentary from the 3yo who had to come and help.