November/December are the entertaining months. The months where the ‘pop in’ (my husband would be proud of me using a Seinfeld reference despite my lack of love for the show), is a big thing.

If you want to be able to open your door without dread (for what they might see – sorry I can’t control who’s on the other side of the door) then the 8 minute clean up just might be your new best friend.

Now you know that I’m all about decluttering and routines and staying on top of things but I’m also about realistic and sometimes… well despite our best efforts, things just get a a little out of hand.

This clean up doesn’t just have to be for unexpected guests though.

I use this method on days where I’m feeling anxious. Days where the house is just a little bit out of control and I. AM. feeling it. I snap into gear – sometimes with a literal self-pep-talk – and knock out the 8 minutes and without fail, I always feel at least a little bit better.